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Im a licensed cosmetologist who specialized in color and I have to say that this is an awesome color system. My results are always the same..fabulous!! I would recommend this hair color to anyone.

what I don't like is for a consumer questionnaire telling me how many words I need to use to describe my experience with a product. With that said, I will never use this platform to rate a product again. I think its ridiculous to require someone to use a set amount of words to describe their experience with a product.

so now that pissed consumer has live up to their name..I am definitely pissed off and hope they learn from this and change their platform.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Tinted Love Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

eSalon Pros: Quality and ease of use of products, Flexibility of delivery times.

Store Location: Hammond, New York

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We apologize for any miscommunication regarding your eSalon experience. Based on the information you provided in your profile, your colorist was unsure if we could provide the color results you desired and expected.

While sending a photo is optional, since your color was significantly darker than your desired shade and you were planning to bleach your hair, a process that may negatively affect your results, we requested a photo to gain more insight and help your colorist create your formulation.

While we didn’t want to lose you as a client, we would rather not send you a hair color that wouldn't deliver your expected results. Your order was cancelled and refunded in full because having your hair lightened in a salon seemed the best way achieve your desired color.

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