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I heard from esalon today, and they told me to do a strand test. If I don't like it, they will reformulate for free.

Fine. And that would be easy to go, oh they did right by me. But it took 4-5 emails (I lost count) to get them to answer my question about what tones will be in this color they just mixed and didn't consult me. Also, if I do a strand test and have to have them reformulate, it's going to take even LONGER to get my color.

All could have been avoided if they just did their jobs properly.

They obviously don't get it, as it's easy to look at the email and say "they gave you a solution," but they never acknowledged their original actions.I'll keep using them for the moment, but I know in the future I'll have to watch them closely, having to write DON'T SEND OUT COLOR UNTIL I SEE MY OPTIONS and the like. Can't stand it when I have to go the extra mile because someone else won't do the minimum.

Original review posted by user Oct 20, 2017

I have asked these people 4 times what color they are sending me. I originally asked for suggestions and they didn't answer.

They just threw together something and sent it out. I literally have NO idea what or why they are sending this to me. And yes--customer service that acts like you're the problem. No accountability whatsoever.

CS sent a link to a bunch of swatches, but my color wasn't there. There were colors with similar words that they used for my hair color but very different outcomes. I just think it's nuts that they are doing this. I tried calling but no one picked up.

I have sent photos to ask is THIS what you're sending me?? No answer. Seriously strange.

They used to be great. But maybe they are getting so popular that they are letting their customer service slide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

eSalon Pros: Pricing, Product, Convenience, Color variety.

eSalon Cons: Dont check with you before sending color, Customer service is robotic or condescending not helpful, Offered to reformulate but wouldnt answer my questions, Dismissive, Do not value customers anymore.

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Hi tiffin2la,

I'm Monica, eSalon's Director of Customer Service.

We are so sorry that you felt you had to go the extra mile and sincerely apologize for your unhappy experience with our service.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. It is deeply appreciated and will help us improve.

While we’ve formulated over 150,000 custom-blended hair colors to date, the color swatches on our site only show some of our most popular colors. Due to the amount of custom colors we are able to create, we are unable to provide swatches for all of the nuanced color variations that we offer.

Your color happiness is important to us. To ensure you receive a personal color consultation next time, please email your full name and email address used to create your eSalon account to help@esalon.com to my attention so we can follow up with you.

With kind regards, Monica D. Higgins


Monica, THANK YOU. This is the kind of response I would have liked to receive from the start.

I appreciate you taking time to respond to me, and I can understand about the swatches.

I will be in touch over consultation. Again, thank you.

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