I haven't tried the product yet, I'm still waiting for it to arrive - it was sent out Dec. 8th and I've been told to expect it by the 23rd!!!

Firstly, I was unaware it took so long (I like to change my hair colour on a whim) and secondly, I didn't like the attitude of the colourist when I phoned with a question. The question was, why am I being sent Light Ash Blonde when I ordered Cool Beige Blonde? The colourist spoke to me like a I was a *** child, trying to tell me that it was the same colour!!! I am actually a retired hairdresser and I decided to try it out just to save me mixing my own, but god knows what it will turn out like - Beige Blonde is NOT Ash Blonde, no matter how much they argue the point!

Their attitude was rude and condesending, even if the product was any good I wouldn't order it again, out of principal. I have turned off my auto delivery and that will be the end of my experience with them.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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There are times when clients may not see the order reminder email sent a few days prior to their scheduled order. This email provides clients with time to cancel the order.

If we don’t receive a request to modify or cancel the order prior to the scheduled processing date, we’ll proceed to prepare it. In the event we receive the request to cancel after that time, we’ll honor a client’s request and provide them with information on how to return the order for a refund.


Be careful because they have lots and lots of complaints about continuing to charge even after u cancel And remove your credit card info.


I suggest you also go in and delete your credit card info before they try to ship anything else to you.


I too had a negative experience with a colorist. I want to change my color, it was too dark (it was supposed to be ash blonde, but it was more a medium brown), to a lighter ash blonde.

The colorist snidely asked if I was unhappy with the color how come I accepted previous shipments. I just figured he/she was low paid and relatively unskilled in both customer service and color formulation.


We are so sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with a colorist and that your color turned out too dark.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally to determine how best to adjust your complimentary reformulation, per our Satisfaction Guarantee, to suit your needs. Please call us toll-free at (866) 550-2424, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday at your earliest convenience.


We truly apologize for the unprofessional customer service you received and the longer than anticipated delivery time frame.

If you are not happy with the adjustments made to your custom-made formulation, we’re happy to send a complimentary reformulation, per our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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