I'll never use this product again. Shortly after applying, my hair started getting hot and the dye started to drip, a lot.

It dripped so much I had to stand over a sink. It took FOREVER to run clear and was super gummy and hard and clumped together I couldn't push my fingers through. Esalon sent enough shampoo and conditioner for a Barbie doll so it did nothing to my very curly very long hair. After about 20 minutes of "rinsing" my hair and using the conditioner, my hair didn't feel any better at all.

In a panic and hysterically crying in fear of my hair falling out I grabbed the Pantene conditioner and poor about a third of the bottle on my hair, which only made it feel a little but better but I watched the color come right out. Now, hours later my hair is super dry, hard heavy and not curly.

I put a whole lot of leave in conditioner in to hopefully he'll restore it. Biggest regret in dying my hair, EVER..

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That happened to me too. I feel like when I went to go rinse it out it turned so waxy and I had to scrub my scalp to get it out.

It was so gross! I've been using all kinds of dyes for years and never had this kind of experience. It took me like 3 times of shampooing it to get most of it out. Never again will I order from them.

Should have just stuck with Madison Reed, the best mail order one out there! That's why I came to see these reviews, thought it can't just be me!


i have just dyed my hair and wont be ordering product again had t rinse twice my hair feels horrid sticky and hard.x


Hi Lisa - We’re so sorry to hear that your feels sticky and hard after coloring. Using a clarifying shampoo in place of your regular shampoo should help remove that feeling from your hair.

Please call us at 0800 808 5400 (Freephone) or 020 3095 2982 (Local), 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, GMT, Monday through Friday at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can best assist you, per our Satisfaction Guarantee.


Use Apple cider vinegar next time apply to ur hair when that happens rub in and than shampoo i panicked the first time that happened to me also


Totally agree

My hair is still not fully recovered TWO YEARS later

The last few inches are just growing out

The colour was awful - gingerish when I'd requested ash - and condition appalling

My hair has looked dreadful ever since using the eSalon colour

To be fair they immediately refunded me, but the damage was done and it was permanent Never again


We apologize for your unhappy experience and are so sorry to hear that you regret dying your hair. Please call us toll-free at (866) 550-2424, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can best assist you, per our Satisfaction Guarantee.


My question is for eSalon,

I've been researching your company to see if I want to try using your product so I'm curious, if the client already received a refund what could you possibly do to assist her??? She stated, the product ruined her hair (which you can't repair) so what would be left? A two year supply of shampoo and conditioner?


Hi Maxie - Thanks for your question. Hair grows approximately 6 inches per year. If after two years a client is experiencing damage after coloring, we would recommend that she consult with her physician to determine possible alternate causes as this would seem to indicate other factors affecting her hair.

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