I ordered my first eSalon custom hair color package about a year ago and it was wonderful. The only problem I had with it was that there was not nearly enough shampoo or conditioner as I have extremely thick, long hair.

I quit ordering the product because I need two bottles every time I dye my hair, even for touch ups, because of the thickness of my hair and they only mail out one unless I go online and order an extra. I was very satisfied with the color results. I was actually amazed that the color turned out as advertised, which is unusual with boxed color, at least in my experience. My hair was not as shiney as it usually is after using some of the high end colors I normally use, however, but that was easily remedied with a deep keratin conditioner.

I did have very nice highlights and lowlights that showed through the color, which surprised me pleasantly. The dye is a little thinner than what I would like, but that is nothing that I would really complain about. The ultimate result, which was the final color of my hair, was more than pleasing. It also had great staying power; it did not fade or turn brassy.

Even though I used a red/auburn, my hair remained shiney and bright, which is not the norm for most red/auburn dyes I have used in the past. I ended up cancelling my shipments via their online option and have had no problems since. I was sent a cancellation confirmation email and saved it (just in case). That was months ago.

I suggest, that if you decide to cancel your account with any online company, you do so through the online option and then save the confirmation email. That way you have proof that you've cancelled your account and can take it to your bank or send it to your credit card company, if the company charges you after the cancellation. If you cancel over the phone, write down the date, time, person's name with whom you spoke and an employee number and a confirmation number or some other proof that you have cancelled. If they do not give confirmation numbers, ask to speak to a member of management to confirm cancellation and take down that person's name as well.

Then take a screenshot of the phone call (open the phone number info and it will show the duration of the call along with the phone number and such) and save that along with the information. Then put all that into an email along with a note that you cancelled your account and email that to yourself so that it is timestamped. Believe it or not, something that simple will hold up in court. It may sound like a lot to do and a lot of trouble, but I've dealt with companies that have billed me after cancellations before and have learned how to protect myself from their unscrupulous ways.

I've seen a lot of reviews on here that stated that people have been charged AFTER cancellations. Thought that I'd offer my window so everyone that reads this review could help protect themselves as well. However, I have had no problems at all with eSalon. They have been very good to me and I would use them again if I ever decide to cut my hair short (not likely!

LOL!). Good luck all!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

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