Clearly posts from eSalon claiming excellent results are misleading and false for color change, touch up to existing, or grey coverage. Sucess is impossible.

See below facts. Only hair without any prior color or grey could possibly see results. The attached photos to this post demonstrate my REAL, personal experience - First photo taken just after initial eSalon application with drastically different color shade on new growth, limited grey coverage which continued to diminish with each shampoo. 2nd photo demonstrates result immediately after application of eSalon unsuccessful "correction adjustment" highlighting continued lack of grey coverage.

(Note: Initial and subsequent requests were for dark auburn color with red highlights to replace professional stylist color submitting photos of current color and desired outcome. FACTS UNCOVERED - Per phone conversation with eSalon customer service: Due to federal law, eSalon products and similar sold over the Internet legally can contain no more than 20% developer. Since 40% + developer is necessary to effectively change natural, previously colored hair, and grey, the eSalon product and other similar products sold in this manner can not and will never ever provide consumers satisfactory results. So why would eSalon and similar companies spend thousands to falsely advertise a product and offer a 100% satisfaction refund, risk free trial knowing their product will not work?

Because it's the latest savvy consumer scam.

Launching a *** product has become one of the most successful scams to generate billions of $$$!! They make their millions via add-on products, (like eSalons non refundable color kit for $10 costing them under 50 cents to produce, special shampoo, conditioner, etc.), non-refundable shipping and handling charges, and banking on a percentage of consumers who will cancel without wanting to be bothered to request a refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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As previously stated in response to eSalon's response, the solutions eSalon provided and then continues to provide are not applicable or appropriate to my personal experience with their product and practices.

In reference to eSalon's latest response:

"It is also noteworthy to mention that 20 volume developer is the industry standard developer for the most optimal gray coverage, which does more than just blends grays but rather actively covers... Fortunately, I believe her case is easily fixed with a reformulation going darker to achieve her desired results."


FACT #!: All companies who sell hair color via the internet and/or mail are regulated by the government and cannot exceed 20% developer as explained by eSalon's own customer service reps.

FACT #2: Considering FACT #1, eSalon continuing to use "before and after" photos in their advertising to depict "actual results" of drastic color change and an abundance of beautiful highlights are unobtainable with their product.

FALSE & MISLEADING. FACT #3: Due to FACT #1: eSalon's use of the terminology "industry standard" implying the entire professional hair care industry, IS MISLEADING AND FALSE as this statement does not reflect the opinion of the national standard for ALL professional colorists. FACT # 4: eSalon's response does not address the basis of my complaint utilizing FALSE, misleading advertising by offering a "discounted 100% refundable trial" when upon acceptance of the trial, prior to payment, the consumer is offered other numerous add-on products and materials suggested for best results with the trial color. These Add-ons are NOT refundable, nor are any the shipping and handling charges refundable for any items purchased INCLUDING color trial.

FACT #4: eSalon does not address the fact that they use your initial trial purchase of this product via facebook or other social media sites as your personal endorsement/recommendation of their product WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION ... and then repost their advertisement to your friends and family and their friends and family attaching YOUR UNAUTHORIZED, FAKE ENDORSEMENT/RECOMMENDATION. For REAL reviews: Upon searching the internet go past first few pages to find non-company paid and employee based reveiws.

Amazon is a great place to find REAL reviews. eSalon: There will never be a resolve unless you halt ALL your current unethical business practices and target only the audience that may have SOME positive results - Those with virgin hair, never colored, not desiring drastic color change, not expecting highlights, and without stubborn grays.


We’re sorry that the gray coverage did not meet your expectations. We’ve reached out to you via private message and hope to hear from you soon.


I received your canned response which did not address the issues I described. You can never address my dissatisfaction as you cannot address any other consumers with grey or colored hair.

20% Developer will NEVER color gray or pre colored hair per your customer service rep and the research I collected.

To make this right is #1 - refund EVERYTHING - ALL ADD-ONS you entice them to buy AND shipping & handling when one agrees to try your product, and then finds your product could never meet their need! #2 - Stop falsely marketing your product to "over 40 to beautifully cover grey and change color" with fake pictures showing results not EVER possible with your product and it's 20% developer! #3 - Stop scamming consumers period!

Knowing full well that your product will not work as advertised and generating your revenue only on by luring consumers to purchase bargain add-on products, and from those who will not take the time to request a refund is a scam! #4 - stop using the connections of those who try your product on Facebook as an endorsement in their friendship feed to scam their friends and family!!

For anyone considering trying this scam product please do more research. Who know what this scam is financing!

Start with Amazon and search esalon. Read all the REAL, NUMEROUS horrible reviews before Amazon boots esalon for selling a scam product on their site.

Look at the pictures of positive reviews, all 20 something's or no picture at all. Alert your friends and family to the numerous hair color companies using this scam.


Fab over fifty hair color is also esalon!!!


Hello ConsumerFMD,

My name is Monica, and I am the Director of the Color & Care Team here at eSalon. We are seriously so sorry that your experience with our color did not meet your expectations.

We completely understand all of the frustration you’re feeling— hair color is personal!

Each day, we are constantly rewarded whenever we get an enthusiastic call about how much our clients love their look and their grey coverage— on the seldom occasions that we get a complaint, it doesn't sit well with us. We want to do everything we can to make this right, so one of our licensed colorists Lori looked into your case today and we grouped together to try and find solutions. Here is her assessment of your case copied below:

"Hi Monica,

Thanks for sending this over.

Based off of the client's photos, the formulation that was given to the client was simply too light. Though the provided fix formulation likely helped alleviate the issue, it appears it still didn't take her dark enough. As for her grey coverage, because some of the dark brown (base) had to be removed to make room for the red tone, the grey coverage could be inhibited. This is true for most color lines, considering grey coverage is compromised when ever any "tone" is added.

It is also noteworthy to mention that 20 volume developer is the industry standard developer for the most optimal grey coverage, which does more than just blends grays but rather actively covers them. If she had received a higher developer, she almost certainly would have developed "hot roots," because it would have overly developed and lightened her natural color. I think it is important to emphasize that 40% is seriously powerful, and more suited for lighter hair. A great reference to how developer works for grays can be found on the top of page 658 from Milady Cengage (http://college.cengage.com/cosmetology/course360/milady_0840024789/ebook/milady_9781439059302_ch21.pdf), which is one of the top education sources for cosmetology students.

Fortunately, I believe her case is easily fixed with a reformulation going darker to achieve her desired results.

With her info we would be able to look up her exact case and look even deeper into the error. Hopefully we can make her happy!" We hope this explanation helps to clarify your case. And though we cannot issue refunds for shipping and handling, we would very much like to send you a free reformulation.

Please feel free to call me personally at 866.550.2424 x676 Monday - Friday, 8am-6pm PT. We're here for you.


@esalon -Have you changed your formulation? My hair is really gummy and this had never happened before.

I've washed it 6 times and used your so called being soda remedy to no avail. My hair even smokes when I use the hairdryer (no its not steam!). Please change back! By the way, my hair is 60% grey and the coverage is fine with dark brown.

I've always used 20% as its more natural and less one-dimensional.

30% makes it too dark. If you don't believe this check out Guy Tang, he uses 20% on his mom.

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