Because I am a new customer with esalon, I read your post. So new that I haven't even received my first order yet.

As an experienced medical professional, I was very interested in your particular post. I do feel that if esalon responded appropriately in suggesting that you visit a specialist for your hair loss. Here's why? The causes of hair loss are: 1) thyroid disease/issues 2)diabetes 3)vitiligo 4) lichen planus 5)discoid lupus 6)scleroderma 7)folliculitis decalvans 8)frontal fibrosing alopecia 9)chemotherapy 10)immunotherapy 11)radiotherapy 12 ) pregnancy 13) menopause 14) hormonal diseases/changes 15) Emotional stress 16) Short term illness 17) Operation 18) Severe Infection 19) chronic illnesses 20) Malnutrition 21) Crash diets 22) Blood clotting medications 23) Beta Blockers By the way An allergic reaction can happen the 1st time or the 20th time a person is exposed to a substance.

It all depends on an individuals immune system. There is no Chrystal ball to predict when this will happen. Otherwise, we wouldn't have deaths from Anaphylaxis. In addition, having worked as a RN in a Dermatology clinic, I am aware that some forms of hair loss can only be diagnosed/confirmed though a biopsy.

Also, it's never wrong to get a second opinion ; as the public seems to forget that doctors and nurses are human and can make a mistake. This is why seeing another doctor or specialist may benefit you in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and duration of condition. Hope this helps (PS you may see this comment at other places as I want to help educate folks who may or may be not be aware of the causes of hair loss.

I, myself feel that you can't get enough science based education in order to make informed decisions in order to do what is best for you. I, too have no association with esalon other being a brand spanking new customer.

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Let's hope your hair doesn't fall out, like so many other women I've read about online, due to esalon. If so would you just assume you have a medical problem?


So many factors can contribute to hair loss. That's why we highly recommend seeking medical attention so a doctor can determine the exact cause of hair loss.

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