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BAD BAD BAD. Here is a company that requests a recent photo of you ...WHY so that they can color match to your color. So if your photo is taken inside under bad lighting that is the color your color stylist will develop for YOU. BAD IDEA. You end up with a flat color and probably NOT the color you want.

I wanted red, red like Julianne Moore which would be a dark, rich, copper-red blonde. But that is NOT what I got. I got a FLAT brown with a dirty tinge of red. A very dirty ugly flat color. If you want highlights DO NOT USE eSALON. eSALON is FLAT. Now I will need to go to a real salon to get them to fix this horrid color.

Sure esalon wants me to let them try to fix it so they can keep my credit card on file and sell me a monthly supply of bad products and blah flat hair color. I say NO! if you sell me a bad product that looks horrible WHY would I want you to try to fix it with something that is probably worse.

So if you want FLAT, DULL hair this is the product for you. If you want s pretty color with highlights look elsewhere.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

eSalon Cons: Bad color.

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