I don't know what happened to my hair, but upon rinsing, the pproduct felt like gummy, STICKY WAX!! I can't get it out!!

I couldn't even get it off of my hands?! What do I do????

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I also have noticed the last few times that I used esalon that my hair was gummy and sticky. I thought it was a product I was using so I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo, then dried it before coloring it. Nope, it was still very gummy.


I have the same problem with excessively gummy hair. eSalon has been responsive but they only sent me another order that left my hair even gummier than the first.

I washed it three times the first day and twice the second day and its still really gummy on the lengths (my hair is waist length.) I'll try the backing soda but have little hope that this will work.

Why do thy keep producing a product that is so sub-par? The old formulation was terrific.


Hello,We’re so sorry to hear about your experience with our color and are glad you reached out so we could help. Our Color Happiness Guarantee is something we take seriously, and we want to get this resolved for you right away.Not to worry, we have an easy and natural fix to get you back to beautiful in no time.

Our trick is to use a mixture of baking soda and shampoo to get things squeaky clean. All you need to do is mix roughly 2 tablespoons of baking soda with your shampoo to create a thin paste. Massage this paste through your hair, focusing on the areas with residue, adding water to help spread it evenly throughout.

After massaging for about 1-2 minutes, thoroughly rinse the baking soda mixture from your hair, follow up with conditioner, and you’re set! This should completely remove any remaining residue and get you to hair perfection.


Unless your product is complete GARBAGE, there is NO REASON ANYONE should have to do that!!!!!!!!!


I have the same problem. They told me to use a rinse of baking soda and water.

I did. Still sticky and takes forever to dry!

Back to my cheap Revlon hair dye. Never gummy or sticky.


I have the same problem and my hair is so dry and limp. I tried to contact them and they didn't respond.


My hair turned out the same way today! Did you find out a way to get it back to normal??

It is stick and gummy and waxy and it scares me because my hair looks disgusting! People are going to think that I do not wash my hair!

I'm so frustrated! Let me know if you figure something out!


I used plain castille soap, which has a high pH. I washed it twice. Much better...but YUCK.

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