I have recently used this product and have not had a good experience. My hair color is suppose to be medium blond and came out a dingy, dirty blonde with gray hues.

The worst of it however is the texture it left my hair. It is gummy and sticky and looks greasy after its dry. It is hard to tell when it's dry. I've been using Ganier Nutrese for several years with no problems and for some reason decided to try esalon.

I now wish I hadn't.

I have used several home remedies to try and reverse the damage to no avail. Obviously I do not recommend this product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same gummy hair issue. Not sure what to do!


Same here! Just done my color today (after having had major delivery problems) and it took me nearly 10 shampoo applications one after the other to get rid of the gummy texture the esalon color gave my hair.

When I finally managed hair were super-dry, so it took tons of deep repair conditioner to get them to an acceptable and manageable state.

Color in the end looks just fine, nothing to complain about it, but now I am worried about what could happen to my hair in the next days, and I am pondering if it's wise to ever go for a second color application. Not sure.


Same problem. I used an entire bottle of apple cider vinegar to strip out the gummy feeling. Better but not yet back to normal.


We're sorry to hear that your color came out with unwanted gray tones. We also apologize that your hair felt gummy after your color application. We’ve reached out to you via private message to discuss how we can best assist you, per our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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