I've used eSalon twice. The first time I was very happy with the product and the color, especially the grey coverage.

Unfortunately, after the second use I have experienced substantial hair loss. I followed the directions exactly, only applied it for 30 minutes as instructed. I noticed the second application left my feeling different, more waxy or straw-like until after my 2nd shampoo. I recently noticed that since that second application I have experienced quite a bit of loss.

My hair used to be very thick, so I pray that my hair returns. I haven't changed any other hair regime over the past several months, except using eSalon product.

I pray that my hair grows back, as the loss of hair for a women is very traumatic. I will definitely discontinue my use of the product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

eSalon Pros: Quick delivery, Grey coverage.

eSalon Cons: Loss of hair, Texture of hair after second application, Waxy texture in my hair.

Location: 10361 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, USA

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I have had the dame thing happen & i am afraid that i may loose all my hair. It is coming out by the handfuls after 2 applications.

I gad duper thick hair. I am seeking a dermatologist for help.


As everyone else states here....first application no problem....second application...didn't cover my grey and now I am dealing with a sore scalp and hair loss. I hope this truly stops. I will never use this product again and don't suggest anyone else does.


My hair fell out in clumps as well and the company only refunded me $10. They take no accountability for their product and their satisfaction statement is total *** I have always had long luxurious hair and now my hair is thin and straggly and as a model it's really hard for me to have confidence to go out for auditions or even get work because I'm not that model that wears fake hair. If anyone is interested in following a class action lawsuit please contact me at lorinbreece@yahoo.com


I saw my doctor for hair loss following use of my Ecolor subscription. I never dreamed it could be related, but this is the ONLY change I have made. Praying that it resolves itself after discontinuing their products.


Me too i kept thinking it was themedicine im on but my hairs falli g out and its thinner feels like i dont have much hair soim gonna stop this for now


Same experience here! I am so upset with the loss!!


I am having the same experience. I was fine after the first coloring.

After the first root touch up, it felt really greasy at first. After drying my hair, I had to get back in the shower and wash it again to get rid of the greasy feeling and look. Then, I noticed extreme dryness of my hair - which I have never had before. Now, after the second root touch up, I have a ton of hair falling out!

I have washed and rinsed and extra time and applied a conditioning treatment.

I'm scared I'm going to loose my hair. I don't have a ton to begin with.




I have had exactly same thing my hair was very thick since using e salon my hair has fallen out and lost 70% thickness of the hair


I could’ve written this myself. Same exact experience had beautiful thick hair...no longer


I too am experiencing substantial hair loss after the second treatment. I have always had thick hair and this is the only product that has caused my hair to come out in wads. My next treatment is in the mail and I am taking it to a lab to see what is in it that would cause the issue.


I wish I had thought to do that.


We’re truly sorry to hear that you are experiencing hair loss and can only imagine how distressing it must be for you.

It is quite possible that you experienced the shedding phase of hair growth at the same time you colored your hair. This phase is normal and typically lasts two to four months.

While hair color does not cause hair loss, in rare instances one can develop sensitivity to hair color over time, even if one has previously applied the same brand of hair color with no reaction. Because hair dyes from different brands have similar ingredients, it’s likely you will be allergic to other brands as well. We recommend that you do not apply any brand of hair color until you see your doctor and determine whether you are allergic to any hair color ingredient. To view a full list of our ingredients, please refer to the Product Safety and Usage insert in your kit or go to:


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally.

Please email help@esalon.com with your name and account information and we'll reach out to you.

Again, we apologize for your experience.


Not true. Too many people and same problem!!


What a load of *** The shedding phase? What is that?

I've been using hair dye for years and years now and this has never happened with a store-bought brand. Never. It's you. It's your company.

Take some responsibility.

Stop blaming each and every one of us for what happened. I thought you said satisfaction guaranteed!


Hello, I've noticed that my hair has thinned since using esalon. I'm curious to know if your lab found anything damaging.

Thank you!


Please keep me posted about the results of lab... I had same experience as you


Same thing happened to me!!!! Im sooo upset!!!!!

Please let me know what the lab tells u. May have a case against them!!


We’re very concerned about your experience and can only imagine how traumatic it must be for you.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally. Please email help@esalon.com with your name and account information and we'll reach out to you.


I think each and every one of us is probably tried to contact you personally as I have. You don't take any responsibility for what you're putting out there.

Half of my hair fell out and I'm traumatized and I cannot believe that you had the nerve to send me a $10 refund.

You are disgusting. I'm absolutely talking to lawyers to take your company to court.

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