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Typo...word is MONSTROUS. But HIDEOUS would also suffice.

I wish I could laugh about this but even now I cannot believe this picture and I have so many more some worse he would be so mad if he knew I posted this. It was very embarrassing for him. A tall, strong, intelligent grown man who has to "hide" because of symptoms from dying his hair.

Thankfully he still HAS hair! LOL.

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Husband used dark brown dye...had a severe reaction. Eyes swelled shut.

Weeping oozing sores on scalp. Whole head, face and neck swollen. Incessant itching. He looked like a monster...

I freaked!! And he was in such pain and discomfort for about 10 days. So scary!! Praying he has no lasting permanent health problems.

Took 36 hours for symptoms to develop. Both he and I were customers on auto-ship for more than a year. Still don't know the real cause...poisoning of some sort? PPD?

Heavy metals? ESalon customer service said dye was possibly "old" as his last shipment was a few months before. I always store in separate dry linen closet. That's their is his fault for not using the dye soon enough after delivery?

Customer service told me to take him to go to the doctor for allergy test. But unless he can not breathe there is no real treatment his doctor said. Benadryl and hydrocortisone. October 2017 I applied his dye as usual and used eSalon timer.

He is a 50 year old 6 '3" 225 pound man with full head of mostly gray hair an inch or two in length. 36 hours later...he couldn't leave the house for a week. Would have gone to ER if he was in anaphalaxis but he was not. In the 15 years of going to a real salon for dye jobs no issues.

And none with boxed dye such as Lloreal. Medium or dark brown for him. I waited a long time to write this but I wanted to warn others. Even if you use it many times and do the allergy test it can still cause a horrible reaction.

Maybe eSalon has poor quality control??

PPD poisoning is suspected. If others suffered from eSalon hair dye please respond.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What a terrible experience. The oozing description suggests that the scalp was burnt by the alkaline chemicals used to open the hair follicle, rather than an allergic reaction.

A vinegar rinse will balance the PH and stop the burning. If the instructions were followed, then it is possible the product was bad. I am surprised a medical professional would state that there was no real treatment without physically seeing the patient. FYI to those reading this: If you or anyone you know experiences a problem from the use of a hair coloring, bleaching, or relaxing product that can’t be solved with a vinegar rinse, it is important to immediately visit an MD, urgent care clinic, or even ER (depending on type and severity of symptoms).

Most urgent care places only charge $50-$100 which is worth every penny if it means mitigating the damage to your hair and skin and averting days of misery. Additionally, a seasoned hair colorist will be able to help you correct and repair your damaged hair. Check the credentials! Furthermore, if the damages are particularly egregious, there are legal remedies available to consumers (albeit products liability cases are often harder to win as they require proving a product is defective).

If such an instance arises, be sure to seek medical treatment, save the product for analysis, and consult an attorney.

There are also state consumer protection agencies and private consumer advocate organizations that may be willing to help. (Disclaimer: my comments are not intended as medical or legal advice).


I had scalp sores and itching. The smell is soooo strong I should have suspected that it was not a good idea.

It’s been 4 weeks since I dyed and I’m still having issues. Good bye eSalon.


Allergies develop over time. I am 50 years old, been coloring my hair since I was 16. A year ago I developed an allergy, tried a couple different kinds since, but I can't color my hair anymore, at least now with permanent color


It was same formula he used regularly for more than a year. Prepared for him with his name on it.

First time reaction. Believe poor quality control?


Always test a new hair color product. You never know if uyou will have an allergic reaction. That's the only safe way to go...


The reaction your husband had is why most packages of this and other cosmetic products tell you to test a small portion of the scalp to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction to the product. You have to read labels.

Wash thoroughly his scalp a couple of times with a mild shampoo, like baby shampoo for the next couple of days and he will get better.

From now on, tho always read the label and test for reaction if it warns you. By the way, you could do better in the hubby dept.


That's a pretty funny response. Baby shampoo?

Again, this was the SAME formulation he had used for more than a year. How can you "mix" and test for allergy 48 hours prior to each would need to open the developer and the colorant, mix a small portion? Then how could you use it in two days it would not be good anymore. The company should include a small "test" portion in their box.

How about that?So this whole response is obviously from someone from a hair dye company. The real problem lies in the actual INGREDIENTS. TOO much of the heavy metals and PPD! Probably poor quality from the cheapest source available.

Do better in the hubby department? LOL.


She told you he’s been using this product for over a year already.

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