eSalon - Gummy hair after using semi permanent hair dye!!

I don't know what happened to my hair, but upon rinsing, the pproduct felt like gummy, STICKY WAX!! I can't get it out!! I couldn't even get it off of my hands?! What do I do????
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Monstous reaction from eSalon hair dye
Husband used dark brown dye...had a severe reaction. Eyes swelled shut. Weeping oozing sores on scalp. Whole head, face and neck swollen. Incessant itching. He looked like a monster... I freaked!! And he was in such pain and discomfort for about 10 days. So scary!!...
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It was same formula he used regularly for more than a year. Prepared for him with his name on it. First time reaction. Believe poor quality control?


Always test a new hair color product. You never know if uyou will have an allergic reaction. That's the only safe way to go...

I used the esalon product for the first time after coloring my roots with a store product for the past 10 years. I have medium brown, long hair and touch up my roots at home, in between salon appointments. The product did a poor job of coloring my roots. Worse yet, my...
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I liked
  • Customer service was pleasant but non commital
I didn't like
  • Product is bad for your hair
I went through the online ordering and payment excited to try my color kit. The color I was matched with was not much different than my true color and I do have a few highlights. A few days later after reviewing my photos eSalon said they could not help me and would...
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I have been using eSalon for about a year. Boxed color was not working on my hair. I'm a woman in her late 40s and I noticed that the texture and reaction of boxed color wasn't working for me. I work part time and I can't afford salon colors or highlights, so eSalon...
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I liked
  • Ease of use and great color and coverage
  • Personalized product
  • Pricing
Colored hair. horribly gummed up, sticky, could not comb through it. called E-salon. informed their gel formula will do this to some customers. after 4 trips to sallys beauty supply, numerous calls to E-salon, clarify shampoo, clarify masque, deep conditioner bagged on...
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I've honestly had better/healthier results with boxed dyes I regretfully give this review as I was very excited and hopeful to try esalon. The deliverance of the supplies and packaging/display was great. The colorist accepting my color requests and modifying...
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I paid for semi-permanent color. They sent 2 bottles. One for roots one for ends. I used the one for ends. Because I could tell that they had put too much brown in the first bottle. Well hair turned out too dark. But the violet was perfect until I washed my hair the...
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There was a very pretty color i seen and wanted but too many bad reviews about gummy, loss hair and washing out the color so im going to say no to this. i was so excited and w...

Love the product so far people need to remember if your going from brown to blonde a salon trip is what you need. This color company in my opinion is for people that want to cover grey, keep roots at bay or change the color of current color a level or two. it is not...
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I have VERY baby-fine hair. I cannot take permanents and find that most colorings have damaged my hair, even from well-known hairdressers. ESalon changed that for me. The color does not damage my hair but indeed adds much needed body. I have adjusted my color a couple...
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good to know , i have fine hair too!

I liked
  • Convenience product results quality ease of use
  • Convenience
  • Quality and ease of use of products