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( Hair color before dying was a dark golden Blonde) Everything was great with the product when I was applying it and rinsing it out. But the moment I got out of the shower I knew something was wrong with the color of my hair, it looked pure black.

I tried telling myself that maybe it just needs to dry, so I blow dry my hair and my hair is Most DEFINTLY BLACK! The color I ordered was a Dark BROWN with warm chocolate tones this color is no were even near that. I tried going out side hoping it will look better but NO ITS STILL LOOKS BLACK IN EVEN NATURAL LIGHT with the slightest hint of red that can only be seen if you really try looking but non the less IT IS BLACK NOT A BROWN SHADE! My hair was NOT porous or Ever bleached, so this color should have worked then if it was formulated the way I asked it to be.

I truly wanted to love esalon since it made my hair feel great but the color is not at all what I wanted, that’s the whole reason I wanted to try esalon was so I can actually have a color that turns out as it is described to be! My hair is just black now it makes looking like I’m lifeless and older than I really am , I truly am trying to calm myself down but every time I see my hair I just cant help but want to cry at myself because of how washed out I look now

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Yeah, mine came out black at the roots even though they sent golden brown. This has never happened with them before.

It also would not rinse out and is still gummy and waxy. Very unhappy.


I had the same problem with eSalon color not rinsing out. I've been told its because the color is in a gel-base. I've also been told the lab is working on creating a creme-based formula, but that was 6 months ago and it still isn't available.


you are supposed to keep a small amount and shampoo with it.. READ THE DIRECTIONS.

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