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I have just used esalon dye for the first time; and I'm severely regretting it. My hair was in great condition until I used this product.

I usually dye the roots (off the shelf box dye) every 4-5 weeks and have highlights every 3-4 months at the training college, but ensure I use sulphate free shampoo (usually an organic argan oil one) and conditioner for coloured hair. I also use a conditioning mask every 10 days or so. It usually looks glossy and healthy; now it looks flat and dull yet feels greasy and rough. The colour itself was much darker than it shows on the screen (including a colour chart with the order to check the colour before applying would be really useful!!!) so not happy about that.

I'm now either stuck with it for about 4 years (since my hair is long), for 2 years if I don't mind getting my hair chopped short or possibly spending a fourtune to get an actual salon to sort the colour out if it's even possible. Not much of a choice is it? I chose esalon after the promotional materials showed a vibrant multi-toned colour on the model v the flat dull colour you'd 'usually' get from home dying. I was expecting my hair to have the same look as when I've had it done at a salon on the rare occasion I've treated myself to an all over colour....

I was so wrong! The box dye I usually use looks better than this and it's a quarter of the price! Applying the colour was ok, plenty of dye was provided, however it has not given an even colour despite me following your instructions and my having experience of dying my hair for 20 years. The worst part was actually trying to wash this god awful dye out.

No matter how much I rinsed my hair felt like it had been covered in wax and was all stuck together. It eventually separated after washing it twice with shampoo, although it still felt horrible even after conditioning it. This waxy muck got all over my skin when I was rinsing it out of my hair and despite scrubbing with an exfoliating mitt and shower gel my neck and back still feel horrible. This is the worst product I have ever used on my hair, I wish I'd just stuck with my regular one.

I will be contacting esalon for a refund as it hasn't lived up to its claims; it in no way compares to salon quality hair colour! This has damaged my hair and I dread to think how much it will cost me to get it fixed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Esalon Hair Dye.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

eSalon Pros: Packaging was very nice.

eSalon Cons: Bad color, Disgusting waxy muck in my hair.

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We're so sorry to hear your results were not what you'd hoped! We always want you to feel great about your hair after using our product, and we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We would be happy to help.

Even if we’ve already refunded your purchase, please let us know if you'd like us to reformulate your shade free of charge.

Additionally, gel formulations (like our colour) can be tricky to fully rinse.

This residue can leave a greasy feeling, but a colour-safe clarifying shampoo will help this since it's specifically formulated for that purpose.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Please let us know how we can assist from here!

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